Many people regard themselves as being busy with those things in life that really matters the most. As we go along our different paths we will very seldom acknowledge that we may be travelling on the incorrect route. We firmly believe that we are heading to the correct destiny that will leave us fulfilled and achieving the purpose for what we have been placed on earth for.

It is good to have such a belief and to hold onto it with all your energy. What is good for us, we believe, is also good for the rest of the world, and what we enjoy doing they must also enjoy.

It is actually sad that we continuously try to reduce the “world” to something limited in understanding that would fit into our personal small “worlds”. We desperately want to be in control and be able to have answers for everything and everyone else, just so that they can fit into our definition of reality. In actual fact the opposite exists.

The more we think we have it in control, the more concerned we should be because then we are further and further removed from the truth. Let us take an example, say you want to enjoy a perfect day with your loved-ones at the beach. What is “perfect” and what is your loved-ones’ definition of a perfect day at the beach? Then another question beckons, is a “perfect” day at the beach also what they desire? You may get very annoyed because your “day” does not go as expected, it may leave you very upset.

I have experienced a “perfect” day at the beach with my family. They said that they have also enjoyed it, and I believe them. Firstly, because I want to and secondly, we don’t lie to one another.

While having had this experience I thought of how easily people and get annoyed and start arguing about things, sometimes very trivial things too. My thoughts have gone to a friend of mine, who at his very moment is fighting for his life. He is in a battle to overcome cancer. Regrettably, it looks like he is slowly losing the battle. What will be those things that he would argue about at this stage? What are the important things?

We get so involved and overcome with ourselves in our own little worlds that we hardly see the bigger picture of a life worth living that is going on around us. It is time to re-focus on those things that are important and which makes others around us living lives of note.

In the final analysis, it is not about us, it is about the people who we met and whose lives we can positively influence. Have the correct focus and give all your energy to those things that are worthwhile pursuing. You have only this moment, use it wisely.